Michael Hancock originally founded IZZAT as a direct response to the increasing use of electronic media and the need for occasional and remote services within academic institutions.  

He is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Building and brings more than 35 years of practical and academic experience with a wide range of internationally acknowledged experts, to provide management education at all levels across a wide range of industries.  


mickMichael Hancock began his career in the construction industry in 1974.   During his time in industry he was responsible for the financial and legal administration of contracts in both the public and private sectors ranging from small domestic to multi-million pound industrial and commercial projects.

In recent years he has concentrated on education and training, working in colleges and universities in the UK, Denmark and Asia and has published more than 50 items, including books, journal and conference papers and magazine articles. 

Committed to promoting useful learning, Michael has been involved with the development of innovative degree courses in the field of construction management and economics and has given invited lectures to government ministries, professional and trade institutions and at universities around the world.  He has also provided a range of construction management training courses for various commercial clients in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

Based in Denmark for the last 20 years, Michael has added to the services he provides academia with the translation of academic books and papers from Danish to English and proofreading and editing PhD dissertations and academic papers written in English.

IZZAT focuses on 3 specific areas related to the academic sector:

Academic Tutoring by E-Learning

The development and increasing sophistication of forms of distance learning – remote and flexible programmes, conducted mainly over the Internet requires less physical, face to face tuition than the traditional model of university programmes.  Such an approach allows universities to ensure that they have access to the best international scholars from around the world, without having the physical and financial overheads that are required for their directly employed staff.  This is a model that is increasingly used by universities for higher degrees aimed at mid-career students in fulltime employment, such as Managers in the Construction Industry.  Izzat currently provides this form of tutoring and supervision of dissertations to The University of Bath in the UK.

Authoring of Academic Materials for Distance Learning

Building on 20 years of experience in teaching, research and the development of distance learning, Izzat authors teaching materials.  In recent years these have covered subject areas such as Management theory, Strategic Management in International Construction, Human Resources Management, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Business Practices.

Translation, Editing & Proofreading Services

Based in Denmark, we also offer Translation (Danish - English), proof reading and copy editing of textbooks, scientific papers, PhD theses and web pages for The University of Southern Denmark and The IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre.

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